PC ON Rent

PC on rent is one of the leading service providers of Computers, desktops and laptops for hire and rent in all the major cities including Delhi and Delhi NCR.
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Laptop On Rent

So you have a problem with your new computer system or the laptop you bought has become old and does not function well or you need the laptop or computer for few days at a certain place.

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Projector On Rent

PC on rent is one of the leading providers of electronic goods ranging in wide variety from laptops to computers and different types of projectors.
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Photocopier On Rent

Photocopier or copy machine makes paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Server On Rent

If you are looking to get a Server on Rent to host your websites and other important information then PC on rent is the most suitable service provider for you.
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Printer On Rent

Printer is the crucial device which holds greater significance in day to day life. It is the peripheral of the computer that prints documents in corporate offices, schools and other institutions.

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